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is emotional eating preventing you from losing weight?

Lose weight without depriving diets or grueling workouts.


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Before starting the program, I really did not enjoy cooking.  By the end of the program, I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for the first time, and it was great!  I am enjoying trying new things.  I have also learned to control my portions, and never felt deprived through the entire process.  It was actually fun! -Patty

Angela has been my health coach for two months now. She clearly is very knowledgeable and has a true calling to help others. Her holistic approach targets all aspects of life and she has helped me, step by step, change my mindset and habits to achieve a healthy me. Having a weekly call works very well for me as well, since I have to hold myself accountable, but at the same time she offers an environment with no judgment and full of support and advice. My weight has been a rollercoaster all of my life and I’ve struggled with insulin resistance and PCOS. I made very poor choices and the weight-loss was based on fad diets, so eventually I’d regain everything back. Angela is helping me to slowly change my lifestyle, so that I can maintain my weight. She’s making my journey a lot easier and I’m looking forward to continuing it with Angela’s help. I highly recommend her!  -Diana


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