Welcome Friends!

Are you finding yourself nearing menopause, and realize that your health isn't what you think it should be?

Have you been on countless diets, losing weight with much difficulty only to gain it all back and then some?  

Are you tired of the quick fix promises of exercise programs, diet gurus, and magic pills?

Do you wish you could stick with a healthy diet, but life is just too busy to not eat fast, convenience food?

Maybe your doctor gave you the news that your blood pressure is too high, or you have high cholesterol.  You know what heart disease can do to someone because it is part of your family story, and you love your kids and grandkids too much to put them through that.


If any of this sounds like you, I'm so glad you're here.


I know what it is like to have a busy schedule and not make time to cook a healthy meal.  With 2 growing boys with appetites for junk food, it is a challenge to eat wholesome meals.  

I have to admit that my family doesn't eat the same foods as I do, and it is still a temptation at times to have a bite of the half eaten burger they often leave on their plates.  


My kids do not eat well, and I try not to beat myself up about it.  My philosophy is that slow and small changes add up over time, and I have faith that those changes will happen as they continuously hear about the value of eating good, whole foods.  

As an RN for the last 20 years I cared for so many people who battled heart disease which is preventable in 85% of cases.  Working with the medical team, I helped them recover from their immediate distress.  But I always wished I could have met them years before.

If only they had made some simple changes in their diet and lifestyle, they may have never had to undergo the trials they faced in the ICU as I cared for them.


I want to do that for you.

If you are ready to make some changes, then stick with me at Happy, Healthy, and Hormonal.  I want encourage you, give you sound information, and keep you on the path to a healthy, bright future.

Our midlife is the beginning of what can be the best half of life.  You have earned it!  Wouldn’t it be great to live it to the fullest?

Getting healthy is not about deprivation and hours of exercise.  Those are the quick fixes that lead to disappointment.  Stick around for the slow, steady, sure journey to wellness.

Getting started begins with making healthy food choices.  

Changing your diet should be a slow steady process, to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle that you love.  You can begin by adding clean, whole foods to your current diet.  Knowing the clean foods to choose can be confusing.  So, I made a shopping guide to help you make the transition.  Enter your email below to receive this guide which will guide you through each grocery store section to make the best choices.

It will also help you read the labels, so you know which foods aren't as healthy as they may seem.