Angela has been my health coach for two months now. She clearly is very knowledgeable and has a true calling to help others. Her holistic approach targets all aspects of life and she has helped me, step by step, change my mindset and habits to achieve a healthy me. Having a weekly call works very well for me as well, since I have to hold myself accountable, but at the same time she offers an environment with no judgment and full of support and advice. My weight has been a rollercoaster all of my life and I’ve struggled with insulin resistance and PCOS. I made very poor choices and the weight-loss was based on fad diets, so eventually I’d regain everything back. Angela is helping me to slowly change my lifestyle, so that I can maintain my weight. She’s making my journey a lot easier and I’m looking forward to continuing it with Angela’s help. I highly recommend her!  -Diana


Angela is a very talented health coach and business woman. She has helped me realize that small incremental changes lead to big results. We have a lot of fun working together, but she's also bold enough to challenge me and keep me accountable. Bottom line is I would highly, highly recommend anyone wanting to improve their health to work with Angela! -Lew


I didn't have a lot of weight to lose, but I was having trouble. Angela was the push I needed to succeed. Her useful tips and support helped me stay focused. With her help, I was able to retrain myself to be smarter with my eating. It was hard at first, but soon became habit. Thanks Angela!  -Carol


Before starting the program, I really did not enjoy cooking.  By the end of the program, I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for the first time, and it was great!  I am enjoying trying new things.  I have also learned to control my portions, and never felt deprived through the entire process.  It was actually fun!  -Patty


Before working with Angela, I struggled with taking care of myself especially getting enough sleep.
I realised how useful it is to have coach who listens to you and helps you devise a plan to tackle my personal challenges. Also having a coach who keeps you accountable was incredibly helpful. Now  I am noticing the reduction in my stress levels as I am sleeping more. Looking forward to implementing more of Angela's helpful tips as I go along. Overall, I feel much more confident in who I am and what I do.
Anyone who has goals in becoming healthier, anyone who wants to figure out their personal roadblocks to better health will definitely  benefit from Angela's coaching sessions. Angela is a kind, smart, and patient coach.  -Nyamka

I found Angela to be very pleasant and outgoing, as well as taking an interest in working with me to develop healthy eating habits.  Presenting me with various ideas for nutritional foods to incorporate into my daily diet and providing daily food record sheets and travel tips was a big help. Setting good goals to reach in fitness programs and listing some daily at home exercises was also very helpful.
      I would recommend Angela Mager's program to anyone who might wish to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle, as I have found that it has been beneficial to not only myself, but to my wife as well.  -Steven