Stop cravings with one simple technique

Stop cravings with one simple technique

I have been thinking a lot about what it means to be mindful. I already knew it was a powerful way to get a handle on cravings, but I found many more benefits! 

When you stop to ask yourself if you are actually hungry, or what you are hungry for, it becomes easier to eat what is nourishing to the body.

No, I don’t do it 100% of the time, but it has become a habit most of the time.

Perfection in anything is an unattainable goal that can cause us to stop making any effort at all. When we have unrealistic expectations, we are always disappointed.

So, I have been thinking about this process a lot.  Stopping the chatter in my mind, and making a choice about what to think instead.

It's more about making a choice!

I love what is happening as a result!

No willpower? No problem!

No willpower?  No problem!

Do you feel like you have no “willpower”? Do you feel miserable after binging on cookies and ice cream at the end of a long day or week?

I get that! It’s so tempting to reach for a chocolate bar when things aren’t going so well, or have a piece of cake when it just happens to be in the break room on my lunch hour.

But I feel so much better when I choose to say “no thanks”.

It’s not willpower that will help you break free from cravings. Instead, you need a new game plan. To get you on your way, start by learning what tempts you most.

What are your triggers?

The first step is to find out what triggers your cravings and why you indulge in emotional eating. Start by asking yourself a few questions:

How, and why, to bust out of being busy

Since becoming a mom, almost 16 years ago, I noticed a strange phenomenon.  

It was shameful to not be busy.

That was the underlying message at least.  It seems that people are proud when they share how busy they are.

In case you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, allow me to explain.  I would run into another mom at the grocery store, let’s say.  We would greet one another, and she would say, how are you, and I’d say great and you?  Then she would invariably answer “Oh, I’m so busy!”.  

Now, before you think she was just trying to end that conversation and move along, sometimes this greeting would be followed by 10 minutes of me listening to the extent of the busy-ness.

I’m not judging, or complaining.  I really felt compassion for their stressed out state.  And, sometimes, I felt I should be busy too.  I would feel compelled to assert that I too was busy, even if I really wasn’t.  

I was ashamed of my balanced life.

It was embarrassing to admit I wasn't overwhelmed.  In fact, sometimes...and this is the real shame game issue...this sweet friend would say “I’m sure you’re busy too”.

However,  thankfully, I really wasn’t.  I had designed my life to be present for my children.  My coworkers thought my husband must have a really good job because I only worked one day a week until both boys were in school, sometimes less.

He was working on a teacher’s salary, so yes, he made decent money.  I was not complaining.  We planned for me to be home, and we didn’t have debt, we saved with coupons and budgeting.  So, I didn’t have the pressure of working and taking care of little ones.

That was my choice, and I don’t regret it for a minute.  And, I do see the value of having some separation from children when they are young.  Building independence, and growing bonds with a variety of adults and other children.

But, I digress.

As the boys have gotten older, the people around me have changed.  Now there are fellow business owners, and new coworkers.  I still hear people exclaim, “I’m so busy!”

I want to tell them, stop it!  Stop being so busy.  Stop doing so much.  You are only one person, and you are not doing yourself any favors, and certainly not those around you.  Being busy is stressful.  And it keeps you from actually being as productive as you could be.

I know.

I get caught up in being too busy.  Sometimes.  I still have to be aware of it.  When I feel myself getting busy, it’s a warning sign.  I have to continue to design my life, just like I did when I had my babies.  

I have to slow down, look at what my priority is, and then work everything else around that.  

We continue to live below our means, so that we have a cushion of savings, and no debt, and I’m not pressured to work more.  I don’t overcommit to very worthy volunteer opportunities.  I don’t stress over having parties at our house.  

And when I feel like things are getting too busy, I slow down.  I reevaluate.  Instead of pushing forward, I pick up a book and read on the patio with a cup of tea.  Pushing forth just makes for poor quality in whatever I might be doing, and certainly will put me in a bad mood.

Don’t fall for the busy-ness shame game.  When someone asks how you are, or how busy you are, it is perfectly acceptable to proudly say, “nope, I’m good.”

Set yourself up for it.  

Look at all that you have going on in your life right now.

What can you let go of?

What isn’t YOUR priority?  

What is draining your energy?

What is just not working for you anymore?

Get really ruthless with this.  It’s the only way to declutter.  And I promise, you will feel so much better...and not miss those other obligations one bit!
Share in the comments what is driving you to make more time and be less busy?

One easy change to help you reach your goals

One easy change to help you reach your goals

Do you ever feel like you want to make a change in your life, and you know you “need” to be doing xyz, but you just never do?


Or maybe you are doing it, but not as often as you think you “should”?

You have goals.  You want to make some changes, but if feels like hard work.

I can totally relate.  I was talking to my coach this morning, and she reflected this from my own language.


“Well, I know I need to get to work on that project, but…”

“I should take the time to ….”

“I ought to stop …”

Instantly improve your body confidence

Instantly improve your body confidence

Do you ever wish that your belly was flatter, your triceps didn't jiggle, or that you were a few pant sizes smaller, like when you were in your 20’s?


With the media running rampant with fake images of thin women, that not even those models look like, it's no wonder we all feel the struggle.


It’s becoming cliche’ to blame the media, but I gotta ask: Why else would a woman who is a size 2 feel self conscious in a tight fitted dress that hugs a bulge where her lower abdomen protrudes.  She looks in the mirror dailyand wishes her belly were flat. and sucks it in when she notices it is “pooching out”.


That woman is me.