What would happen if you finally lost the weight?

In my last post I asked you what is really driving you to get in shape.  Today's post is the continuation of what to ask yourself.


Why do you want to lose weight, or get in shape?  Go beyond the obvious first response “to get healthy”, or “because my doctor said I need to”.  If that is the extent of what motivates you, is it any wonder why you give into temptations?

Try to get 3 layers deep into your “why”.  So ask yourself:

1.  Why do you want to lose the weight?
2.  Why does {answer to 1} matter?
3.  What is important about {answer to 2}?
Now you should be deeply into a motivation that you can hold on to through many seasons of ebb and flow.

To make this more concrete, here is an example from my life:

1.  Why do I do strength training?  One of the many reasons is because it is good for my bone health.
2.  Why is bone health important to me?  Because I want to continue to be physically active and independent into my latter years of life.
3.  Why does independence and staying active matter when I am older?  Because one of my strengths is to physically help others (in nursing, or in sewing, gardening, housework).  I am a "doer", and I want to be able to "do" as long as possible.

With that knowledge, on days I am less inclined to exercise, I can hold the picture in my mind of the 80 year old I want to become, and what she is able to do.  That is way more motivating to me than, “I have got to go to the gym today”.

A goal that far in the future may not work for you.  In that case, think of how you will feel in 6 months, or one month.  

How will you be better by following through?

This mental exercise is a powerful step to stay on track with your physical goals.  You may need to revisit your motivation and revise it over time.  

Did you check out the "work with me" page?  If you are ready for someone to take you through the steps of finding your "why" and becoming your most healthy, let's talk!

I hope to hear from you soon!