Instantly improve your body confidence

Do you ever wish that your belly was flatter, your triceps didn't jiggle, or that you were a few pant sizes smaller, like when you were in your 20’s?


With the media running rampant with fake images of thin women, that not even those models look like, it's no wonder we all feel the struggle.


It’s becoming cliche’ to blame the media, but I gotta ask: Why else would a woman who is a size 2 feel self conscious in a tight fitted dress that hugs a bulge where her lower abdomen protrudes.  She looks in the mirror daily and wishes her belly were flat, and sucks it in when she notices it is “pooching out”.


That woman is me.


You may want to stop reading this, thinking it is superficial of me.  You may scoff, and doubt that I could understand your own feelings about your body.  


That may be true.  I don't discount the idea that thin privilege exists.  But the point is, no matter what your size or shape, dissatisfaction exists.  When you reach your goal weight, you will be annoyed with another part of your body.


You see, there is no “perfect” shape.  I hear many women report that by losing weight they will become confident.  I beg to differ.


You can feel confident in your body now!  No need to wait for the pounds to melt away.


A simple first step toward increasing your body confidence, is to treat yourself with love and respect, especially as it pertains to your body.



Here are a few ideas to get you started, finding what will work for YOU:


Get a pedicure.

Wear a favorite outfit.

Treat yourself to a new accessory.

Give yourself the afternoon off (request the time off from work simply to enjoy whatever sounds good to you!)

Spend more time on your hair and make-up.

Dance to the music you grew up loving!

Make time to enjoy a neglected hobby.

Repeat an affirmation while looking in the mirror.  Here are 101 awesome ones to start with.

Exercise in a way that boosts your mood.  This may be a walk, or a hard sweaty run that releases endorphins.

Meditate.  Start a meditation practice to be aware of the negative self talk that happens under the radar.



The second step is to be grateful.


What about your body can you be grateful for?


Are you able to walk?

Are you in good health?

Do you have all of your teeth?

Can you swallow?

Can you read and/or write?

Do you breathe without assistance?


Let’s take nothing for granted, and list all the things you can be grateful for, first about your body, and then about your life.


Don’t let the simplicity of these exercises fool you.  If you do them with dedication you will see that you feel valuable in your body.


And when you feel valuable, your confidence grows.


That’s what helped me finally wear my 2 piece swimsuit without worrying about what anyone else thought.  It was liberating!


Do you struggle with accepting your body just as it is?  

Share your own experience in the comments.  It may help someone else who feels alone in their own body confidence struggle.