No willpower? No problem!

Do you feel like you have no “willpower”? Do you feel miserable after binging on cookies and ice cream at the end of a long day or week?

I get that! It’s so tempting to reach for a chocolate bar when things aren’t going so well or have a piece of cake when it just happens to be in the break room on my lunch hour.

But I feel so much better when I choose to say “no thanks”.

It’s not willpower that will help you break free from cravings. Instead, you need a new game plan. To get you on your way, start by learning what tempts you most.

What are your triggers?

The first step is to find out what triggers your cravings and why you indulge in emotional eating. Start by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Does eating improve your mood when you're angry or sad?
  • Does food distract you from your everyday worries?
  • How does eating make you feel?
  • How do you feel about your body?
  • Do you crave specific foods?
  • Do you have any eating patterns, such as snacking at night or after work?
  • Do you punish yourself for having a treat?
  • Does your appetite increase when you're alone?
  • Be honest with yourself and assess your feelings towards food.

Keep your eye on the prize

When you have the urge to eat when you aren’t physically hungry, ask yourself what benefit you will gain from eating this food in this moment.

How will you feel?

Emotional eating usually leads to feeling guilty, bloated, and mad at yourself.

How do you want to feel instead?

Make the choice that will lead you to the feeling you want. It’s a thought and a feeling that gave you the craving in the first place. Now’s your chance to actually feel better. And it won’t be by stuffing yourself with nacho chips in the pantry (ask me how I know!).