One easy change to help you reach your goals

Do you ever feel like you want to make a change in your life, and you know you “need” to be doing xyz, but you just never do?


Or maybe you are doing it, but not as often as you think you “should”?

You have goals.  You want to make some changes, but if feels like hard work.

I can totally relate.  I was talking to my coach this morning, and she reflected this from my own language.


“Well, I know I need to get to work on that project, but…”
“I should take the time to ….”
“I ought to stop …”


For me, this was about being consistent with writing and making phone calls.


Maybe for you it’s exercise, or eating more nourishing foods.  Maybe it’s getting to bed on time each night (hint hint, that is a powerful healthy activity).


My coach shared with me that when we use those words the energy is drained from the activity.  It actually becomes repelling.  We resist it.


If you should write an email, how likely will you?  Maybe very likely, if you are a deliberate and task oriented person.  However, will the recipient notice that you felt compelled to?  It's a good possibility.


What if you want to write an email?  


What if you can’t wait to sit down and get your thoughts to that person out in words so that they know how you really feel?  What you care deeply that they know.


Do you feel the difference?


Do you feel the energy of wanting?



If not, maybe think of your own situation.  Whatever that might be.  Say what you “should be doing”, and really think about how much you should do that, and how long you have been needing to do it.


Now, change the words up.  


Tell yourself why you want to do it.  What difference will it make for you when you do that thing?  What if you wanted to do it so much, that you couldn’t wait to get started on it?  


Talk about that!


Did you feel your energy increase?


Did you notice yourself getting more excited about getting to work on it?


This is such a simple technique, but it really does have a quick and real effect.


And, if you are thinking, “sure I want to, but I don’t have time”…here is another quick tip.


Start small. 

Do you have 5 minutes?  Can you start with 5 minutes here, and maybe find 5 minutes later today, or tomorrow morning?  It's a small step, but it will get you into action.  And, you may start having so much fun doing what you WANT to do, that the 5 minutes turns into 20.  


It could happen!


What do you want to start doing today?  Put it on your calendar.  Plan to do this regularly.


Share in the comments what you are excited about doing, that in the past was a "should do".