What is really driving you?

The weight loss industry is a huge market.  Health clubs seem to open up on every corner.  There is certainly nothing wrong with having conveniently or even strategically located gyms.  The problem I see is the percentage of members who rarely actually use their facility.

They, and maybe even you, join the gym with the best of intentions.  As motivation lags, and participation is nonexistent, you see the charge on the credit card and resolve to get back on track rather than ending the contract.  Then the cycle repeats.  You may have very good reasons to not make the extra effort to go the the gym, but in the end, its not the priority.

Health clubs are just one small piece of a very big puzzle.  Diets, programs, books, “reality shows”, medications and herbs, the list goes on.  These are all produced because of the high demand.  At any given time, millions of Americans are on a quest to lose weight.  During that same time, millions of others are gaining back weight they previously lost.

It is not the fault of the programs or products.  Most of them work to some degree.  It all comes back to motivation.  But, I don’t mean that in a “try harder”, “you need to just stick with it” way.  Not at all.  That leads to nearly certain failure.

No, we need to go deeper.  This motivation is more a question of why.

Why do you want this?

More on that question in a follow up post.  But for now, I have exciting news!

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